Light, camera, Action: it’s a Pop Style!

Light, Camera, Action! Pop culture has always represented the desires of the crowd. The key factor is “Follow the pleasure to create trends” using all the shapes of contradiction, provocation and exaggeration.

In the last years, fashion excesses have become a very relevant constant: excesses in forms, excesses in the choice of materials, excesses in order to show the people taste evolution. Inspired by contemporary art, stylistic codes are swayed by mass media, by advertising system and by the entire fast fashion world.

Remix is the emblematic word of pop style, various elements that blend one each other to find a common language and create new trends. To dare in fashion means experiencing, imagining, revisiting and defining consumer tastes. The rapid growth of social networks, blogs and rising of new fashion icon are the point of interest in fashion: the style has become something increasingly linked to street fashion. Fashion is fast, what you seen on the catwalk must already be in stores before someone else copy it and there is now a very strong need to feel ourselves part of a group in order to be accepted by others.

Style is not just a way of dressing but a real experiment in which also nude parts of the body become part of the garment: transparent plastic trenches coupled with clutches, precious stones and rhinestones, multicolor long dress, nude look blazer, crop top and short jeans are the new elements for a stunning look.

Fashion photography is a real language; it is not something about what is used and what people like but it encloses a very deep level: it is the visual narrative story of the society, a breakthrough in the evolution of aesthetic aptitude and tastes. Building a collection is not related to designer’s vision but it is also a synthesis of how political, cultural and sociological events affect the collective imagination. Choosing precious fabrics as well as choosing bold clothes are often bound to people perception of the world. If you think to Salvatore Ferragamo’s cork shoes, created after the economic crisis of ’29 with cheap materials, or to Mary Quant’s miniskirt, a symbol of a sexual revolution and female emancipation, you can realize that fashion is conditioned by people at the very moment in which it influences them.

Fashion languages are codes that grow day by day and fashion photography is simply the book that tells them to people

Editorial: Light Pop
Magazine: Solis Magazine, ooctober 2017
Photographer: Davide di Padova
Styling: Attilio Carota
Model: Isabella Bardoshi
Makeup & Hair: Luisa Carota
Assistant: Teo Miscia
Service: MediaWellness

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