The Couture of a Muse

Women have always played throughout history the role of muse of arts, for example as amazons, queens or deities; the haute couture is one of the branches of the art that most of all pays homage to female beauty, enhancing and proposing new aesthetic models.

The scene is filled with only two colours: White and Gold, white as the marble of the statues of the most important deities and gold like the sun when it shines to rule the sky. The sumptuous laces of the white clothing sculpt the woman body like the working tools of a sculptor: the body is not hidden in this kind of couture; the dress is like an embroidery on the skin that paints the body of the woman/goddess to consecrate it at Olympus of beauty.

Golden jewels and refined crowns made by intertwined filigrees adorn the head of the model to enchanting whoever observes her. The Haute Couture is a world where art draws the humane figure and where each photography is like a painting that tells about a story: a young bride, a sensual queen, a glorious warrior, etc.
The beauty of a woman becomes eternal when our memory immortalized it: making haute couture photography does not mean to take photographs of clothes that we consider work of art for their inspiration but it means writing a picture in the history about how style and aesthetic standards is evolving.

Greece was the mother of the arts and sciences; this editorial is a tribute to its culture and its history. Learning from the past without copying it: this is the secret to be a high fashion artist.
Women are always been as an inexhaustible source of inspiration: their elegance and their charm can conquer the genius of any artist.

People often forget that Haute Couture is a kind of art and it is the way to show and to promote new kind of style or trends that have never been seen before. The neoclassical style pervades this shooting: a very definited style that pays homage to the past but does not copy it, rather it extracts the essence of the past to make it as actual as possible.

Pay homage to the art does not mean to imitate it in every detail but understanding it to interiorize own, to make it a vehicle for a message. Editorial “The couture of a Muse” has been realized while thinking about splendour of the past, thinking about a world in which the sense of art influence people.

The muse were the daughters of Zeus and they are this shooting inspiration: history, poetry, drama, dance, etc. The female figure has changed over the centuries and was able to recreate herself despite all the changes of the society, like a sacred phoenix: woman can still find her sources of inspiration in the myths of art but they can also create different ones.

Creating is the key word of those who work in Haute Couture: to create clothes, to create styles, to create images, to create models which everyone can refer. Making an Haute Couture editorial means working with art: they are two sides of the same coin. Nowadays, society is losing the good taste and the sense of beauty and this is the reason why this shooting can be considered as a “pause”, to make a stop for rediscover the meaning of words fashion and art and to show the importance and the prestige of the women considered deities.

There are myths that never end and there are photographs that remain impressed into the memory when you see them; the high-fashion photography builds inspiration myths to give pleasant moments through the fleeting charm of beauty.

Editorial: The Couture of a Muse
Magazine: Solis Magazine, september 2016
Photographer: Davide di Padova
Styling: Attilo Carota
Model: Giulia Belmonte
Makeup & Hair: A&C

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